Promare Special Event Screening: Edinburgh

Step into the world of the new film from world-renowned anime studio Trigger, PROMARE, right in the heart of Edinburgh as the centrepiece of a very special evening of 10th anniversary celebrations for Scotland Loves Anime, presented in conjunction with Anime Limited.

The Biscuit Factory in Edinburgh hosts this special event screening of the film - enjoy the themed location, food and drinks, and meet the major creative talents behind this incredible new Trigger film... and then enjoy the film itself, of course.

Visit the booking link below for all of the details, and to book your place at this unforgettable event before it's too late!

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Glasgow Film Theatre

What began as a single screen cinema over 40 years ago has become Scotland’s most diverse and best publicly attended independent cinema in Scotland, with Glasgow Film Festival one of the top three film festivals in the UK. 

Glasgow Film is a national centre for film and moving image media where audiences and filmmakers experience and debate cultural practice and ideas through diverse, unique and quality programmes that transform the way people see the world, through film. 

Want to buy a Weekend Pass to catch all of the films at this year's festival? Pick one up using this link.

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Edinburgh Filmhouse

Scotland's leading independent cinema, celebrating world cinema in all its brilliance and diversity, Filmhouse is the home of Edinburgh International Film Festival.

As well as the slew of films screening at the Filmhouse, don't miss our Edinburgh-based Promare Special Event Screening on October 19th!

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Festival Highlights

Scotland Loves Anime returns for its 10th anniversary in 2019! Keep checking back for the latest details, or subscribe to our newsletter for updates


Children of the Sea

Studio 4°C presents a visually stunning adaptation of an award-winning manga

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Feel the burning justice of this first theatrical outing from popular studio Trigger

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Ride Your Wave

Masaaki Yuasa makes a splash in this tale of love and loss

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Weathering With You

The director of Your Name returns with a new hit film!

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Hiromi Wakabayashi

Meet Promare's creative producer in Edinburgh

Hiroyuki Imaishi

The renowned director comes to Scotland Loves Anime's Edinburgh weekend!

Jack Liang

Join this Polygon Pictures' producer as we celebrate 35 years of the cutting-edge studio

Jonathan Clements

Author of Anime: A History

Shigeto Koyama

Meet the mech and character designer of Promare!

Yuhei Sakuragi

Glasgow is delighted to welcome director of CG anime The Relative Worlds to Scotland