Glasgow Film Theatre

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What began as a single screen cinema over 40 years ago has become Scotland’s most diverse and best publicly attended independent cinema in Scotland, with Glasgow Film Festival one of the top three film festivals in the UK. 

Glasgow Film is a national centre for film and moving image media where audiences and filmmakers experience and debate cultural practice and ideas through diverse, unique and quality programmes that transform the way people see the world, through film.

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Cameo Picturehouse Edinburgh


Originally opened as the King's Cinema on 8 January 1914, The Cameo is one of the oldest cinemas in Scotland. The original screen was mirrored – the first of its kind in Scotland – and there were 673 seats in an auditorium showing silent films with orchestral accompaniment. In 1930 the cinema was fitted for sound.  It was refurbished in 1949, when it was renamed The Cameo, and it quickly established a reputation for screening art-house films and became part of the Edinburgh International Film Festival circuit. 

In the mid-1980s two extra screens were added and the original main auditorium was restored to its full Edwardian splendour. In more recent years the bar was extended and transformed. Today The Cameo enjoys a reputation as one of Edinburgh's little gems and is a warm and welcoming home for cinemagoers and cineastes.

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Festival Highlights

Hot new films and renowned classics...


Blue Giant

A coming of age journey through the lens of jazz music

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Galaxy Express 999

Experience Leiji Matsumoto's classic on the big screen

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Komada - A Whisky Family

An anime about whisky - need we say more?

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Lonely Castle in the Mirror

A magical story from director Keiichi Hara, based on a best-selling novel

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PHOENIX: Reminiscence of Flower

A theatrical retelling of an Osamu Tezuka classic

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The Concierge

A department store with a difference

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Jonathan Clements

Author of Anime: A History