A college student who wants to be an educator, despite losing self-confidence and worrying over her future: Sora Nagase - Nagoya.  A company employee, repatriated from living abroad, having trouble fitting in at an organization related to work she wants to do: Mire Yoshizuki - Tokyo.  A part-time worker saving up to go to college and follow her dream, all the while at the mercy of her good-for-nothing boyfriend: Reika Kawatani - Onomichi.

Age, personality, place of residence...  Everything about these three is different.  And each of them is totally bewildered by a life that's not going the way they envisioned!  The thing that brings these ladies together is Magical Doremi!?
The witch trainees used to gather at MAHO DOU, and the model for it is said to be a building in Kamakura.  Beginning with a fateful encounter there, the trio goes around on a tour of Hida-Takayama, Kyoto, and Nara - all places associated with Magical Doremi!  The trio laugh, cry, support one another, and spend priceless time together as they realize anew that Doremi and friends were always there by their side...  Then, the important message the witch trainees teach them provides a gentle push, and the trio take a new step forward.

Screening in: Glasgow, Edinburgh

91 minutes
Rated pg


Cinema Time
Glasgow Film Theatre
UK premiere
12:50, Sunday 3rd October Book Tickets
Edinburgh Filmhouse 15:35, Sunday 17th October Book Tickets
Edinburgh Filmhouse 18:15, Tuesday 19th October Book Tickets
Sheffield Showroom Cinema 15:30, Saturday 20th November Book Tickets
Picturehouse Cinemas 12:50, Saturday 4th December Book Tickets