Edinburgh goes Berserk!

Sep 05, 2012
Loves Animation

Scotland Loves Anime is pleased to announce the attendance of the Berserk – Golden Age Arc trilogy’s Chief Animation Director and Character Designer, Naoyuki Onda as well as the producer Fuko Noda from Studio 4C.


A character designer and animation director with a long and illustrious career, having designed characters for Ai no Kusabi, Batman: Gotham Knight, Ergo Proxy, Gantz, Resident Evil: Degeneration as well as the design for Shin Kamiya in Tekken Blood Vengeance.

His roles in animation have seen him involved as an assistant animation director in Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam and animation director/chief animation director in a multitude of works including Ah! My Goddess: The Movie, Ai no Kusabi, Demon City Shinjuku, Ergo Proxy, Gantz, Texhnolyze, Witch Hunter Robin and Wolf’s Rain.

He will be attending Scotland Loves Anime as both character designer and Chief Animation Director for the Berserk movie trilogy.


One of the producers for the Berserk Golden Age Arc trilogy and will be on hand to tell you more about the project along with Mr Onda at both films.


They will be attending both screenings of Berserk and hosting a questions and answer session after each one – we will confirm nearer the time about a signing session or any other events too so watch this space!


We’ve had a slight glitch in the system – but these will go live today via the Filmhouse site for booking – we’ll add a link here as soon as they go live!

Look forward to seeing you there!